U.S Follonica Gavorrano

Gavorrano sport Association started in 1930 as a desire of Montecatini Company , which was managing one of the most important European pyrites mines. Montecatini Society had the first football field built in the Filare fraction and call up players coming from all over the Tuscany and from Northern Italy. Those players also worked inside the company, working in the mines in the morning and playing in the afternoon.

The competition to which the team participated were mainly local until 2000 when Nuova Solmine became the main sponsor and the run up to higher categories started. Moving from Eccellenza to Promozione , to Serie C the greatest result in the club history in 2017.

The single group Serie C year was difficult for the “Rossoblu”, but at the same time amusing, lost only at the play-off stages and be relegated after only a season. During the current season (2018/2019) an agreement was signed with Real Follonica football club to create a new football club, U.S Follonica Gavorrano, born in June  2019 ,with an important youth sector which could better represent Follonica and Gavorrano territories.